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Find Your Independent Beauty Consultant
Online or in person, you'll need a Beauty Consultant to purchase our Debbie Howell Cosmetics products, so you always have someone to help when and if you need it. All products are backed by the Debbie Howell Cosmetics® Satisfaction Guarantee.

We love that success is what you make of it, so start writing your success story today!  When you start a Debbie Howell Cosmetics business April 1-30, you’ll have access to a wide range of tools and support to help you keep your business organized, connected and efficient.  
Ready to start now?

Get started for just $100 $75.
The first step to starting your own Debbie Howell Cosmetics business is getting your very own Starter Kit. The stylish Debbie Howell Cosmetics® Starter Kit Bag is packed with:

Retail-sized products to demonstrate with friends at parties.
Samplers to share with your potential customers. 
Brochures and DVDs with easy-to-learn sales tips.
All this and more for just $100 $75 (plus shipping, handling and tax)!

Your Own Website
Give your customers VIP treatment and let them shop directly with you, 24/7, with your own Debbie Howell Cosmetics Personal Web Site. It’s the ultimate personalized shopping experience and allows you to choose special deals to offer, post eCatalogs to Facebook, send company-branded emails to your customers and much more!

Enhance Your Customer Relationships
Like a digital personal assistant, myCustomers® takes your Debbie Howell Cosmetics® Personal Web Site to the next level:

Access your customers’ information like birthdays, wish lists and product orders. 
Submit orders, track your customers’ activities and give personalized product recommendations. 
Get automated reminders to help you provide great customer service and more! 

Online & Social Tools
The Debbie Howell Cosmetics ® Virtual Makeover lets you and your customers have fun and explore endless combinations of makeup, hairstyles and more. 
Be in the know and share the hottest makeup, the latest in skin care, global beauty trends and more with eCatalogs. 
Send email newsletters to keep your customers in touch and up to date. 
Use social tools to help spread the word about your business on Facebook, Twitter and other social websites. 

Stay “InTouch”!
The Debbie Howell Cosmetic  InTouch® website is your network to the Debbie Howell Cosmetics world. It can help you manage all aspects of your Debbie Howell Cosmetics business:

Online ordering and limited-time offers for starting your business.
Interactive online lessons and tutorials.
Product fact sheets and application videos.
And much, much more!