Who is Debbie Howell ?

About Us

Our founder Deborah Howell was born in the early 1930's in Alabama . At the age of three Deborah moved to Chicago she later received a GED and gained a beauty license . By the age of 18 Debbie was a mother of three and knew she didn't want her struggle to be in vain. She then created Debbie School of Beauty Culture where she graduated over 20,000 students expanding to multiple states and Cities . Deborah received many awards and accolades her most prized award was bestowed by Lady Bird Johnson and Rev. Jessie Jackson. Deborah Created a Cosmetic Company named Debbie Howell Cosmetics  in 1981 with a partnership with Johnson Products. Deborah Howell later purchased the brand in full for  2.53 million dollars and 700,000 cash and a promissory forgiveness if debt if 322,000. Deborah was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2003 .In 2009 Mrs. Howell was diagnosed with dementia. She then handed down the DHC legacy to granddaughters Marieka Duncan and Monique Johnson. Debbie remains the companies figure head.